Saturday, August 8, 2009

Questions UGA needs to answer.

1) What will the post Suzanne / Kupets era be like? It's hard to overstate the importance of these two people to the Gym Dogs program. Will UGA go into an era of relative mediocrity like UCLA did (from which they seem ready to emerge), or will they simply reload instead of rebuild? My bet is it's going to be somewhere in the middle. I don't foresee as many 10s this year, but I'm betting they'll still be a lot of fun to watch.

2) Will UGA win 6 national titles in a row? In a word, no. They'll certainly be in the hunt, but the Gym Dogs excel when they have a superstar to rally around. They won't have that this year. They'll have some great athletes, but not that all-arounder who can post a huge score every time around.

3) Will Shayla Worley be a great collegiate gymnast? This one is tricky. You can never predict how an athlete is going to make the transition from club to collegiate, but I have a good feeling about Shayla. I see her in a McCool sort of a role. She'll be great on a few events, but injuries may keep us from seeing how good she can be.

4) Will UGA's freshman class from last year step up? A lot depends on how Trani, Ding, Nuccio and Box perform in their sophomore years. If they can all step it up and stay relatively healthy, it could be a phenomenal year for UGA. Combined with the incoming freshman from this year, it could be like getting an influx of great talent all at once, instead of staggered over two years. At the least, they should be able to provide quality depth. I'm excited to see what Tanella is capable of.

5) How will the Clark duo perform? There's a lot of pressure on the husband and wife team to sustain UGA's level of success. I think they'll be fine. I'll miss Suzanne's dynamic style, but I'm looking forward to seeing the team reflect their new head coaches' personalities.


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